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Gooliope Jellington Freak Du Chic: Monster High Doll Review


Gooliope is a doll that I’ve had my eye on for awhile. Once I saw her on the shelf I needed her. Out of all the dolls, she caught my eye most of all but she’s a bit more pricier than the regular dolls due to her size. So she’s really eye-catching in the box — her pose is nice and her face really stands out.

Gooliope is meant to be a tall character so once she’s out of the box she’s going to tower over the regular-sized dolls (unless you have the “frightfully tall ghouls” dolls).


I’d say she’s one of the better looking Monster High dolls. The design of her eyes is very striking. And the lip color goes right with her pink-colored skin; same with her hair color.


The style of the hair and earring are good to bring out her face. I have a feeling she wouldn’t look as good with straight hair.

The box says that Gooliope is the daughter of “unknown”, so character-wise she has a mysterious origin. The dripping texture on her skin made me think she could be related to the blob or the toxic avenger. I know that’s unlikely but that would be so cool.


The white part of her shoes has a unique design and a sort of faded white.They match up well with everything else.


Her dress is just right — not too simple or too flashy.

A great doll to have.


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