The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner | Book Review

The Sound and the Fury is considered William Faulkner’s greatest achievement. It tells the story of the tragic Compson family as they basically deteriorate. This novel isn’t an easy read. At least, the first two sections that is. The first section is from Benjy’s point of view – a mentally disabled man with the mind... Continue Reading →


What Makes a Book a Classic?

What makes a book a classic? I assume many people have asked this question. But I want to explore the question for myself. The question has been on my mind for a while since I’ve read a lot of classics. I’ve also thought about what it would be like to write the next great classic.... Continue Reading →

March 2016 Reading Wrap Up

  I didn't read that much this month unfortunately, mostly because I have so much going on. But I think April will  be a better month 🙂 Still, I had a few nice reads this time. Monsters Don't Cry by Shane McKenzie Monsters don't cry follows a severely obese and deformed girl named Natasha who's... Continue Reading →

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