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My Favorite Dean Koontz Books

dean koontz

Dean Koontz has always gotten a significant amount of hate. I never really understood why. I first read some of his books when I was younger and I loved them. I still do.

Koontz has come to my mind recently because I was talking to a friend who hates Koontz. He didn’t really give a substantial reason other than “he’s bad” and something about Christian imagery. So, I asked him exactly how many books he’s read and he said “one or two.” I shook my head, and suggested him some of my favorites to, possibly, change his opinion.

Keep my mind, I’m not saying that people who dislike Koontz have never read him. People have different taste, I know. The conversation with the friend, just got me thinking about Koontz and the hate he tends to receive!

Now, as for those favorites I mentioned, I’ll list them now.

The Voice of the Night

This book follows two boys, Colin and Roy, friends with very different personalities. Roy soon shows he has sociopathic tendencies and a fascination with death. Things get worse as Colin gets caught up in Roy’s twisted games. Voice of the Night is an engaging and disturbing read. I was thinking about this book months after reading it. Although the “moral” of the book might come on a little to blatantly, most of the novel is good from start to finish.


A young woman named Chyna Shepard finds herself in the path of a murderous psychopath. That’s a pretty simplistic summary, I know. But the book is brilliant. The suspense and characterization are simply amazing. If I had to choose one Koontz book that had “literary” merit, or possible classic potential, then this would be my choice by far.

Life Expectancy

The main character, Jimmy, is predicted to have five terrible events happen in his life. When each happens his life gets closer and closer to a horrific fate. This book isn’t the best but it’s just fast-paced and fun. Not to mention all the twists and turns.  I honestly couldn’t stop reading shortly after I started. In other words, it may not be the best novel but it’s a fun and heart-racing read.


A man keeps getting notes claiming that someone will be killed. And the murders begin to happen just as stated. This one has the same appeal of Life Expectancy. It’s fast-paced and has the good ol’ “can’t put down” affect. Like, Life Expectancy, it may not be the best book, but it’s an insanely good read.

The House of Thunder

Susan wakes up in the hospital with little memory of what happened to her. As it comes back to her, she begins to remember her fiancé’s murder. Hallucinations begin to consume her and soon the men responsible for her husband’s death are after her. Nostalgia has a lot to do with my liking of this book – it was the first Koontz book I ever read. Regardless, I still think it’s a good and thrilling novel.

…The above are my main favorites but I would also recommend: Midnight, Twilight Eyes, From the Corner of His Eye, Strange Highways.


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