Alice by Christina Henry | Book Review

*Slightly Spoiler-ish* Alice in Wonderland has spawned many re-tellings. And why wouldn’t it? It’s a great story that sparks everyone’s imagination. Many like to put a much darker spin on the story. Such is the case with Christina Henry’s novel “Alice.” The book follows Alice, a woman taken from a happy, privileged life and forced... Continue Reading →


A Picture that Perfectly Sums up Reviews on Goodreads.

Saw this on Facebook, and found it to be very true. Let's be honest, sometimes we have more things to say about the books we hate than the ones we love. And...negative reviews can be a lot more entertaining!

May 2016 Reading Wrap Up

  This reading month wasn't all that great. As in I didn't read as much as I wanted to because times have been busy. Let's just say job searching has been a grueling and slightly depressing task. However, I did read some fun books.  My blog posts have been slow too, but I hope to... Continue Reading →

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