The Great Reading Slump and Update


Reading slumps. Every book-related blog or Youtube channel seems to talk about them at one point. They’ll usually come with advice on how to get out of the slump as well. I’ve been through a few reading slumps over the years but nothing really major. It was usually just me taking a short little break from my most important hobby and then quickly returning to it.

But this was a bit different. I was actually in some sort of deep depression. It was a struggle to mentally focus on any book. Now, I did have video games (Fire Emblem, mostly) to fill the void a little. But it wasn’t enough, reading’s a part of who I am and when I’m not doing it on a fairly regular basis I feel weird and extremely sad.

This slump is also different because I felt it went on for too long. I couldn’t explain why it started either. I guess I just needed a period to gather my thoughts.

Because of the slump my blog died for a while. Well, I hope to start writing again. And like before, the main focus will be books and literature. I’ll be throwing in some posts on movies, video games and other things (the blog does say “Literature and more” after all). But I will be once again be writing about the various books I read or have already read.

Well, goodbye slump.

I don’t really have any advice for getting out of one. I feel that everyone has to escape their slump in their own individual way – there’s no universal solution.

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