“The fight aloud is very brave…” (138) by Emily Dickinson | Poetry Analysis

This poem is about inner struggle. It’s compared to the struggle of a soldier fighting for one’s country – this is admirable but a person overcoming conflict within themselves can be just as great. “To charge within the bosom” this line indicates an internal battle – one that the individual must fight by themselves. There... Continue Reading →


Rob Zombie’s 31 | Movie Review

31 follows a group of carnies who are forced to play a deadly game. They must survive for 12 hours as they’re pursued by the various clown-like “heads” that are trying to kill them in a hellish makeshift maze. The desire I had to see this film was overwhelming. I like most of Rob Zombie’s... Continue Reading →

My Top 15 Favorite Horror Movies

I have pretty big passion for horror movies, and since Halloween is coming up I decided to make a little list. Some of these are common choices while others are not. I have plenty of other horror movies I like but these are undeniably the ones near the top. The list is in no particular... Continue Reading →

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