My Top 15 Favorite Horror Movies


I have pretty big passion for horror movies, and since Halloween is coming up I decided to make a little list. Some of these are common choices while others are not. I have plenty of other horror movies I like but these are undeniably the ones near the top. The list is in no particular order though. Enjoy.

House of 1000 Corpses (2003)house-of-1000-corpses-dvd-41921f


A lot of people seem to dislike this movie (although, it does have a following), but I love it more than words can describe. Sure it’s a mishmash of homages and doesn’t have perfect storytelling or anything. But it’s fun. I love the characters of Otis, Baby and Spaulding. Rob Zombie basically made a fun film that only seems to vibe with certain people and that’s ok. And the funny thing is, I wasn’t a Zombie fan before seeing this movie so there was no bias. In fact, I started listening to his music after seeing this awesome film.

The Devil’s Rejects (2005) devils-rejects

Despite technically being a sequel, The Devil’s Rejects stands on its own. This film is close to a masterpiece. It’s less cartoonish than House of 1000 corpses but with Otis, Capt. Spaulding and Baby it still keeps that fun element. But “Rejects” is also amazingly brutal. In the end, with this film Zombie showed just how great a filmmaker he can be.

Rosemary’s Baby (1968) large_zvjvnrks5eyxrvhppurovjnliml


It has two of my favorite subjects in horror (they occasionally go hand-in-hand)—witches and Satan! Rosemary’s Baby is a great slow-burning movie that builds up to one of the best conclusions in movie history.

Halloween (1978) halloween_1978_theatrical_poster

Halloween is a movie that fills me with intrigue. I mean, I just want to analyze the heck out of it. (and I already have a few times) Halloween is just one of the horror movies ever, undeniably so. Michael Myers masked face is forever engrained in my brain. It is a shame most of the sequels were terrible, though.

Martyrs (2008) martyrs_tp01

Martyrs is the kind of movie that chews you up then spits you out, it’s such a beautiful and compelling film. This movie knows pain and suffering, and it’s portrayed on the screen perfectly. Martyrs is almost perfect and simply unforgettable. This movie deserves way more recognition and respect than it gets.

Cannibal Holocaust (1980) cannibal_holocaust_movie

Cannibals are one of my favorite horror subjects…so how could I not like one of the greatest cannibal movies. This is a film that makes you think about humanity and it does it right (certainly better than say, Heart of Darkness.) “I wonder who the real cannibals are?”

Child’s Play (1988) childs-play

Basically, I just love Chucky. I wouldn’t say he’s scary, but he’s funny as hell. I collect dolls and I love the whole killer doll concept. I think it’s cool that Child’s Play took the theme to the next level by making a unique and awesome character like Chucky.

May (2002)  may_movie_poster

May functions as a great horror movie due to the shear weirdness of the title character. Watching her is enthralling. This is probably one of the best “character-driven” horror movies out there.  The ending is pretty controversial – in my opinion, I didn’t hate it but thought it was unnecessary.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) a_nightmare_on_elm_street_1984_theatrical_poster

Freddy is one of the greatest villains ever. He’s basically a manifestation of everything I like in a villain. Fun, charismatic, creative and sadistic. And Nancy sets the standard for what a scream queen should be like.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)texas-chainsaw

Now this movie means a lot to me. It has everything I love in a movie and more. I would plaster Leatherface’s image all over my house if I could. I’d say this is one of the movies that has inspired me the most.

The Human Centipede (2009) human-centipede

Many people give me funny looks for putting this on my list, but oh well. Despite its flaws I think The Human Centipede is pretty good movie. First of all, it does have a horrifically creative idea to work with. Second of all, Dr. Heiter is just plain awesome. The scene where the human centipede first awakens with Heiter standing over them is one of my favorite among other things. In the end, I feel Human Centipede just holds a special place in horror movie history.

Starry Eyes (2014)starry-eyes

This is one of my more recent favorite horror movies. Starry Eyes is a criminally underrated film. This is one of the best films I have seen in a long time. I guess it moves a little slow, but there’s plenty of tension built up to make up for that fact. It really is amazing how far some people will go to be famous…and Starry Eyes showcases that perfectly!

The Collector (2009) collector

A lot of people may think The Collector is typical torture porn, but I’d have to disagree. This movie is good torture porn as well as being one of the few great home invasion horror films (I hate most home invasion movies so this is saying a lot) The Collector knows how to hit the right buttons – the torture/gore scenes are great and I actually felt sorry for the protagonist (a rare thing in horror.)

The Exorcist (1973)the-exorcist-poster

Does The Exorcist really need explaining? I mean it’s one of the greatest horror films for a reason. Demonic possession is another of my favorite subjects in horror – I love seeing possessed people freaking out and going nuts…and this movie will forever be the one who did it best.

Carrie (1976) carrie-1976-movie-poster

Telekinetic powers aside…I think the scariest thing about Carrie is the savage bullying by her peers as well as the abuse by her mother. This shows just how terrible regular people can be. I think portraying that so well is why Carrie is such a great movie.


So that’s my list!

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