Rob Zombie’s 31 | Movie Review


31 follows a group of carnies who are forced to play a deadly game. They must survive for 12 hours as they’re pursued by the various clown-like “heads” that are trying to kill them in a hellish makeshift maze.

The desire I had to see this film was overwhelming. I like most of Rob Zombie’s movies (really, the only one I don’t like is Lords of Salem) Well I finally got to see it….and did it live up to my expectations?

Pretty much yes, although I didn’t think reached its full potential in some aspects, I wasn’t disappointed and I enjoyed the movie.

I think viewers that previously enjoyed House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects will like this movie – it has elements of both. However, for those that hate RZ films 31 certainly isn’t going to change their mind. You’ll find his typical tropes everywhere, and for those that like them this movie is for you.

I liked the idea and overall setting for the movie, I thought most of the characters were pretty cool. Sheri Moon Zombie’s look was great – I like the poofy hair.

Antagonist-wise, Doomhead was particularly awesome and I felt that he was the best part. It was exciting to everything unfold and see who the protagonists had to face next.

However, I did have my issues – most of the “heads” weren’t giving the protagonists much of a challenge. It seemed to me like they were taken out way too quickly. I don’t know, might have been editing issues. This was probably my only glaring problem with the movie.

Overall, I really liked 31. And the ending was so epic.


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