Suicide Squad (2016) | Movie Review

I’ve been wanting to do this review for a while (I saw it when it first came out in theaters!) but I’ve put it off. But now I’ve seen it again (on Amazon video) and I’m ready to give my review. The premise of Suicide Squad is Amanda Waller assembling a team of criminals and... Continue Reading →


Book Pet Peeves

Everyone has their pet peeves when it comes to books. Some of mine are probably pretty common. But I would like to do a little ranting myself so that’s why I decided to do mthis post. These pet peeves are about both the book’s story content and physical aspects of the book itself (cover content,... Continue Reading →

Foe by JM Coetzee | Book Review

I’m not fan of Robinson Crusoe, I found reading the book to be a boring and agonizing experience for the most part. Perhaps this why I was able to enjoy Foe more than Wide Sargasso Sea (I love Jane Eyre, so I wanted that book to be better). Foe also has a sense of incoherence but I... Continue Reading →

Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys | Book Review

Wide Sargasso Sea is a “response” to Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. It gives the infamous madwoman, Bertha, in Bronte’s novel a backstory. This is a great idea for a book – despite not appearing in the Bronte’s book very much she has fascinated readers and critics alike. Including me. Unfortunately, Wide Sargasso Sea proved to... Continue Reading →

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