Doctor Strange (2016) | Movie Review


I’ll start out by saying that I went in expecting not to like Doctor Strange… I’m no fan of Marvel films and the trailers didn’t win me over.

Well, I was glad to be proven wrong (for the most part.) The movie turned out to be pretty good.

It was a unique film with plenty of action. I liked the character development of Dr. Strange – he starts out as this arrogant guy and eventually must learn to overcome his ego. A classic character type but it was done particularly well here. I’m no fan of Benedict Cumberbatch but he did well here.

Also the costume and cape are just plain cool.

The other characters are all right but they didn’t really stand out that much… except for Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One, she killed it.

I thought the action sequences and effects were fun to watch. However, at times the screen looked like a kaleidoscope – just patterns shifting and turning. I didn’t mind it overall but at times it was a bit much.

So, in the end, the film was good but I did have some issues.

My first issue is that all the humor seemed force… one or two of the jokes were funny but most of the time it was just awkward. I fine with jokes but only when they’re executed well.

And my other issue was the final showdown with the villain was just plain dumb and a cop out. That’s all I’ll say without spoiling things.

Anyways, everything else was good for the most part.


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