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Book Pet Peeves


Everyone has their pet peeves when it comes to books. Some of mine are probably pretty common. But I would like to do a little ranting myself so that’s why I decided to do mthis post. These pet peeves are about both the book’s story content and physical aspects of the book itself (cover content, etc.) Keep in mind, just because I have these pet peeves doesn’t mean I won’t like a book that contains them – sometimes they can be overlooked if everything else is solid. Indeed, some of my favs have these pet peeves.

I’ll list the storytelling pet peeves first!

Love Triangles

A lot of people complain about this one so that should tell writers and publishers something. It’s also a bigger problem in Young Adult books. To me, it’s just a lazy way to keep reader interest and they often take over the plot. Sometimes love triangles can be well done but most of the time they are a waste of time.

Stretching out book into a series

I prefer stand-alone novels. It will also take a lot for me to be dedicated enough to read an entire series, especially one that’s super long. And some books will stretch there plots into a series when it doesn’t really need it.  There’s also a higher chance of the author ruining the original characters and losing their touch.

Romance Novel in Disguise

Some books will make you think that their plot is an action-packed sci-fi thriller only to find out that 68% of the book is about the romance. If your book’s a romance I feel you should market it as such – and, I mean, romance novels sell extremely well so what’s the motivation?

Present Tense

I can’t stand reading a book in present tense. Why? I can’t explain. It just annoys me greatly for some reason…there’s almost a sense of rushing and incompleteness. It’s hard to explain.

Cold/Emotionless Main Characters meant to be “badasses”

To me there’s nothing hot about a guy that never shows emotion, is always grumpy and serious. There isn’t anything empowering about a woman who shows the same traits either. They aren’t cool or badasses…they’re boring. But I don’t mind if a character is emotionally distant as long it’s a trait they have to overcome.


Ok, I love diversity in a book and as a black female…I like seeing black female characters. But a lot of these authors just throw in a gay, black etc. character that has no personality. To me, if they are not as compelling or well-written as the other characters then it’s just pseudo diversity. It’s either make them good or just stick to the characters you really want to write.

So those are the story telling pet peeves from the top of my head and not for physical attributes of a book:

Not clearly saying the series number.

Seriously, put what number the book is in the series clearly on the cover somewhere. I think not doing it might be a ploy to get people to actually buy the wrong book and then have to automatically buy the rest of the books in the series.

Comparing a book to a popular series to sell.

Sometimes there will be a sticker on a book that says something to leach off a popular series: “Just like Harry Potter!” “Readers of The Hunger Games will love this!” this is just annoying.  Especially when sometimes said book isn’t even like the series mentioned.

Cover with just a face.

I don’t want photograph of a random girl staring at me on my cover…not to mention this type of design just seems too easy. I’ll put an example:



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