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Twilight/Stephanie Meyer Hate: Was it too much?   I watched Lindsey Ellis’ video about Twilight entitled: “Dear Stephanie Meyer” recently. The gist of it is that she argues that while Twilight, isn’t a good book or film, the hatred for it was way over-the-top. And that it’s the anti-teenage girl attitude society has that helped drive the hatred. Essentially, we accept… Continue reading Twilight/Stephanie Meyer Hate: Was it too much?


Stardew Valley | Game Review

Stardew Valley is a nice little farming simulator game. Clearly inspired by harvest moon, it still has its own charm. It was one of the first games I downloaded for my Nintendo Switch, and one of the titles that I play the most. In the game you farm, fish, mine, fight some monsters in the… Continue reading Stardew Valley | Game Review