Stardew Valley | Game Review

Stardew Valley is a nice little farming simulator game. Clearly inspired by harvest moon, it still has its own charm. It was one of the first games I downloaded for my Nintendo Switch, and one of the titles that I play the most.

In the game you farm, fish, mine, fight some monsters in the mine, etc. You also discover romance and friendship among the games setting, Pelican Town.

There will be plenty of quests and such to do but the player is free to focus on what they want in the game. Most of the game activities are fun, although I did not care for the fishing mechanic.

If you want a nice laidback and relaxing game Stardew Valley is for you. It might not excite fans of more action packed games though (except for maybe fighting the creatures in the mines).

Making friends with the citizens of the town is also pretty fun. Although some characters are jerks when you first start talking to them. You get to marry someone as well (I chose Alex, one of several pixalated dreamboats).

All in all, Stardew Valley is a great game and a new fav of mine.


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