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Reading Big Books

I decided to stop being afraid of reading big books. By big I’m talking about 600-1000+ pages (no big font or wide spacing).

I have read large books in the past but I haven’t for awhile.

Why? My own reasons: Worried about it being too time-consuming, possibly being boring and not being able to read other books.

Well all those issues can be overcome. If it’s mind-numbingly boring I’ll just put it down. I’ll read a set amount if it’s too time consuming. And I’ll knock out some smaller books while I’m not reading the big one.

This is a personal challenge to myself, since I don’t want to avoid big books anymore. So I’m going to try to read a few large books this year (not sure how many yet).

I’ll still be reading some smaller books in between, as I said.

The first big book I’m reading is IT by Stephen King. I’ve read loads of books by King but never got to this until now. I saw the 2017 movie and liked it a lot so I been wanting to read it. And, finally, I am.

The Next Big Books on my List (no order):

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson (1007)
The Stand by Stephen King (1153)
Ashley Bell by Dean Koontz (746)
Empress by Karen Miller (717)
Swan Song by Robert McCammon (956)

I might decide to read different ones but these are my main suggestions.

Welp, time to conquer the pages.

One thought on “Reading Big Books

  1. Yes, I feel the same way. Large books can be daunting. I bought Beach Music by Pat Conroy. To get me started I began listening to the audio book version from the library. After 5 disks, I really got into the story and much prefer a quiet reading of it in my spare time. Really lovin’ this story. Great blog, by the way.


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