Jeepers Creepers 3 | Movie Review


Before finally watching Jeepers Creepers 3, I went expecting the worse. Most of the people I saw writing about it said it was awful. Normally, I don’t pay that much attention what people have to say about a movie (I like plenty of “bad” ones), but with this it almost seemed like there was 0% approval rating (according to Rotten Tomatoes it’s actually 20% for the critics, and 38% for the audience)  based on the reactions from people on my social media.

After watching it… it wasn’t that bad.

It’s just not particularly good or memorable either. In fact, it’s about on par with the second Jeepers Creepers film. I did enjoy the first two films but I wouldn’t call them favorites. Even the first film lacks something that would put it among the greats.

The third movie deals with the town folks, including some that have history with the creature, trying to take on the creeper and kill it for good. In between that there’s a romance between two teens and some sort of strange severed hand. It is pretty dumb at times, admittedly.

One glaring flaw was one of the teenager’s acting. There’s a scene where a group of boys find the creeper’s old truck and the acting from one of them was just… off. (the third one, on the right)


There’s a few cool scenes with the creeper that make the movie worth a watch. But don’t expect a great horror flick or anything. There’s also a little surprise for fans of the first film at the end of the movie…I thought it was kind of dumb but, hey, some might find it neat.

Anyways, not the bad movie I was expecting but it really doesn’t have much going for it. I guess not being that attached to the previous films helps as well since fans might be the one to dislike it the most (despite the fanservice ending.)


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