Rating the Men of Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has quickly become one of my favorite games. One of the features is that the player is able to marry characters within the town. There are 12 potential marriage candidates, half of them men and half of them women. For this post I’ll be giving the marriageable male characters a rating out of ten. I will consider personality, appearance, if they make a good partner, etc.


Alex was the character I married in my first save file. He’s a guy who obsesses over sports and dreams of becoming a professional athlete. He can sometimes come across as arrogant. Alex’s jockiness might put people off but he has some depth and can be sweet as you get to know him. I’m someone who hates most sports but I still managed to like Alex.

I certainly don’t regret marrying him.

Appearance wise he’s pretty handsome but nothing too standout. Overall, Alex is a good character and I have a soft spot for him.

RATING: 8/10


A writer that lives on the beach, Elliott is a sweet and creative soul. Some might find him pretentious, but I found him endearing. It helps that I have my own writing ambitions too. So, one of the reasons I like him is that I can relate to him. He also has one of the best cutscenes where he takes the player out on a boat. Super romantic and all.

When marrying Elliott you’ll be blessed with some cheesy lines of dialogue as you live out your domestic life with him. Personally, I thought it was nice.

As for his appearance, he looks like something out of a romance novel (probably intentional), and, in my opinion is pretty attractive. With his lovely long hair, he certainly stands out.

RATING: 9/10


Sam is an outgoing and cheerful guy. He enjoys playing guitar, video games and skateboarding. I find Sam to be a fun and nice guy. Although I can’t say I clicked with him like I have with other characters, still he seems pretty popular among other players.

So overall, I’d say he’s not my cup of tea but I’m sure most will love him. Pizza’s one of his favorite gifts to receive so I will give him points for that at least.

When it comes to looks, Sam kind of reminds me of Dragon Ball Z  with the spikey hair (wouldn’t say this is a bad thing) but he’s pretty cute.




Now for Sebastian I’ll say: He’s meh. Before building up friendship he’s pretty unfriendly to the player. He’s the loner type who feels he’s unappreciated by his family. He gets absorbed in his hobbies (computer, comics, etc) I don’t really find Sebastian that interesting since he kind of reminds me of some edgy kid. Not the type I usually find appealing, to be honest.

His appearance reflects his personality, and I find him just okay looking. The hair is kind of nice.

RATING: 5/10


Harvey’s a major square but I love him for it. There’s something about him I find really adorable and appealing. Some have called him boring but I have to strongly disagree – he’s super sweet and makes a great husband. As a doctor you’ll find him talking about health but I find that adorable. I also like that one of his favorite gifts is coffee.

Many are put off by Harvey’s mustache. Indeed, some PC players have even used mods to remove the ‘stache. I didn’t like it at first either but after awhile I thought it was fine.

So I say stop hating the ‘stache.



Shane. Freakin’ Shane. He’s pretty hostile to the player before the friendship develops. He’s a depressed individual and an alcoholic. As you get to know him he becomes nicer but for me I still find myself unable to like him. He’s just too much for me. He does have nice and simple tastes in gifts though.

Shane is noticeably disheveled looking. But when overlooking that, I think his appearance is rather plain. But mostly Shane just ain’t for me.

RATING: 4/10

So those are my ratings for the pixelated gents of Stardew Valley. And my conclusion is that: Elliott, Harvey and Alex are the best husbands with Sam behind them. Sebastian and Shane are my least favorite.

The women will be rated too in a separate post.

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