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Stardust by Neil Gaiman |Book Review

Stardust is a nice little fantasy book. I enjoy fantasy that is simple and wraps up nicely with one book. The story follows Tristran Thorne who comes from the small village of Wall. To impress the most beautiful girl in the area, Victoria, he goes on a journey to find a fallen star. However, there are others after the star and the fallen star is personified as a young woman named Yvaine. One of the people seeking the star is a witch wants to cut out the star’s heart.

Reading this story is engaging, even though it is short, the world is fairly developed without having tons of detail. The book goes for a fairy-tale feel and it does so very well.

The characters are pretty solid as well, though not super complex or anything. I thought the witch-queen was a pretty good villain and Tristran and Yvaine make decent main characters.

There’s also a unicorn. But, jeez, what happens to it is excessive and made me a little sad.

One flaw that I must point out is that the story is a bit predictable. The story is Tristran’s coming of age story and it’s easy to tell he’d have a change of heart after going on his journey. It turns out to be something more than just impressing a girl, and it’s easy to see this would happen from the beginning.

Still, the book makes up for this by being consistently entertaining. I’ll put this as the second best book I’ve read from Gaiman (so far). Stardust is a great example of how he’s able to craft fun and entertaining stories.

RATING 4.5/5




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