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Books I Don’t Like As Much Anymore


Recently, I was looking through my favorites list on Goodreads. There was something I noticed: several of the books I didn’t really like anymore, or I had forgotten. So, I narrowed the list down to the books I have always loved; the ones that influence me and that I’ll never forget. There were still some books I recently read, such as Geek Love by Katherine Dunn which I think will always remain a favorite. But the point is there are several books I’m indifferent to now. The reason for this being that I either forgot about them, only liked them in the heat of the moment or it’s just a case of second thoughts. So here I’ll list a few.

Doll Bones by Holly Black

This is a middle-grade book that, on the surface, appears to be a creepy doll story. Well, it’s not. Instead, it’s a story about growing up. At the time, it had a message I could get behind, but now I’m a bit ‘meh’ about the story itself.

A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray

Wow, I remember really liking this when I finished it. However, I lost interest and never finished the series. I also forgot a lot of what happened.  I don’t think I’ll ever give it a re-read, but I may read some of the author’s other books.

Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple

Semple’s book is genuinely funny and well worth the read. However, it’s more of a “beach read.” and I can’t say it’s had much of an impact on me. Still, I would recommend it for people looking for something funny.           

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen by Dyan Sheldon

Ok, this is a book I only rated highly because of nostalgia. In middle school, many years ago, I loved both the book and movie. But to be honest, it just hasn’t aged well.

Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot

Another funny book. It was thoroughly enjoyable when I first read it. However, it was just a fun and quick read, and not much else. I’d probably give it a 4 or 3.5 instead of a 5 rating today.

So those are some books I don’t like as much anymore. I’m sure everyone has felt this way about books they’ve liked.  I’m not saying they’re bad or anything, just that I don’t feel the same spark from them anymore. There were others I felt this way about, but these are the ones I wanted to randomly point out.




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