I am SayDee (Sadie)…

And I’m mixed up because I want to do so many different things…

On this blog I’ll mainly talk about books, literature and movies. But I’ll also talk about whatever else is on my mind. Which could be cartoons, history, art, video games and anything else I’m interested in.

Pictures: I get most of the pictures from Google or Pixabay. 

When and What: I don’t really do things in order; I’ll talk about what is fresh on my mind so posts won’t have any consistent theme.

How I’ll Review: I’ll mainly focus on reading experience (as in did I enjoy reading it or not), originality, characters, themes, and writing.
I rate on a scale of 5: 
5-Amazing, close to perfect.
4.5- extremely close to amazing but not quite a five.  
4- Very Good, maybe a flaw or two. 
3.5-Okay, but had a chance to be better. 
3- Just okay. “Meh” 
2.5- Still bad but borders on okay. 
2- Bad but maybe has a few redeemable qualities. 
1.5-Terrible but could have been just plain bad. 
1-Completely terrible. 

The scale is pretty much the same for movie reviews as well.



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