Gooliope Jellington Freak Du Chic: Monster High Doll Review


Gooliope is a doll that I’ve had my eye on for awhile. Once I saw her on the shelf I needed her. Out of all the dolls, she caught my eye most of all but she’s a bit more pricier than the regular dolls due to her size. So she’s really eye-catching in the box — her pose is nice and her face really stands out.

Gooliope is meant to be a tall character so once she’s out of the box she’s going to tower over the regular-sized dolls (unless you have the “frightfully tall ghouls” dolls).


I’d say she’s one of the better looking Monster High dolls. The design of her eyes is very striking. And the lip color goes right with her pink-colored skin; same with her hair color.


The style of the hair and earring are good to bring out her face. I have a feeling she wouldn’t look as good with straight hair.

The box says that Gooliope is the daughter of “unknown”, so character-wise she has a mysterious origin. The dripping texture on her skin made me think she could be related to the blob or the toxic avenger. I know that’s unlikely but that would be so cool.


The white part of her shoes has a unique design and a sort of faded white.They match up well with everything else.


Her dress is just right — not too simple or too flashy.

A great doll to have.



Frightfully Tall Ghouls Frankie Stein: Monster High Doll Review


So here we have a taller version of one of the more popular Monster High characters, Frankie Stein.

I am happy with the doll and preferred this over the regular-sized Frankie.

Being so tall makes her stand out a lot and gives her proper recognition.

As for the doll itself. Almost everything is good appearance wise. Although I’ve never really cared for Frankie’s dress.

She’s very flexible and easy to pose.

There was a disadvantage to having the doll so tall: she didn’t fit on my bookshelf when standing straight up. However, that’s my own flaw not the doll’s!

The only other problem I had with the doll is that I would have liked her to have more of a smile on her face.

But other than that, this is the perfect Frankie Stein for me.





Luna Mothews Boo York: Monster High Doll Review


This Luna Mothews doll is pretty much perfect.

Seeing her through the box might be a little underwhelming, but once she’s out of it she is unbelievably gorgeous.

Her hair, makeup and clothing all mix well together.

The shape of her legs was also something I noticed, she looks beautiful once posed on the doll stand.

Her face really stands out to me since she’s really pretty.

Any flaws? I thought the back wings would have been better if they stayed still but that’s only a minor nit pick.




Madeline Hatter: Ever After High Doll Review


What to say about Madeline Hatter?

Well to be honest…I thought she looked pretty plain.

Especially in the face.

Her hair is a bit messy but that might be the fault of the packaging I received.

The polka dot stockings and dress are the only major pluses I can give Miss Hatter.

I would have liked if the teacup on her head was bigger.

And I thought having the teapot attached to her hand would have been better.

Overall I’m a little disappointed in this one.



Freak Du Chic Honey Swamp: Monster High Doll Review


My first Monster High doll!

This Honey Swamp doll is gorgeous.

Her curly hair, makeup and skin are very beautiful. Her overall look is fascinating and unique and taking her out of the box won’t disappoint.

The doll’s dress and shoes go well with her look as well.

The one thing I did not like was the marionette  strings attached to her I thought it looked rather cheap. But no worries, since they were pretty easy to remove.

Her limbs are adjustable and she stands well.

In short, I’m happy to have her as my first Monster High doll.

And look forward to my growing collection.