The Visit (2015) | Movie Review

The Visit follows two teenage siblings, Becca and Tyler as they pay a visit to their grandparents' house. Soon, they begin to notice strange behavior from their grandparents that only gets worse. From what I've seen reactions to this film have been mixed overall. Some view it as a comeback for M. Night Shyamalan, after… Continue reading The Visit (2015) | Movie Review


Underrated Movies: Manic (2001)

Manic follows a teenage boy named Lyle (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). He gets sent to a psychiatric hospital for brutally beating another teen with a baseball bat. What's Good About It? Manic is a very emotional and powerful film. Lyle's interaction with the other teens in the psych ward are the best part and each of the… Continue reading Underrated Movies: Manic (2001)


Halloween (1978): Film Theory and Analysis

There's some theories that say Michael Myers' motivation for murder is sexual in nature. He does murder his sister Judith in a state of undress and her whimpers and cries could perhaps, be interpreted as erotic. But this motivation is way too common and Michael is far from a common, run-of-the-mill murderer. He's supposed to… Continue reading Halloween (1978): Film Theory and Analysis