Twilight/Stephanie Meyer Hate: Was it too much?   I watched Lindsey Ellis’ video about Twilight entitled: “Dear Stephanie Meyer” recently. The gist of it is that she argues that while Twilight, isn’t a good book or film, the hatred for it was way over-the-top. And that it’s the anti-teenage girl attitude society has that helped drive the hatred. Essentially, we accept... Continue Reading →


Best Books of 2017

2017 certainly wasn’t the best reading year for me. Life was busy as heck but I still managed to read a few gems. Also, these are in no particular order and just because I read them in 2017 doesn’t mean they were released during the year. 😊 Tomie by Junji Ito A bizarrely beautiful manga.... Continue Reading →

Joyride by Jack Ketchum| Book Review

Spoiler-ish. Joyride is about a woman named Carole and her lover Lee who end up murdering her abusive ex-husband as an act of desperation. A death-obsessed man named Wayne witnesses the act and hopes to commit more murders with them. The two protagonists of the novel don’t have a really good plan when it comes... Continue Reading →

Reading Wrap-Up | November 2016

I didn’t read that much this month. But I’d still say it was a good reading month. I also haven’t done a wrap-up in awhile, and I want to get back into doing so. Jasmine by Bharati Mukherjee I like reading about other cultures and I thought the narrator’s life in her home village in... Continue Reading →

Book Pet Peeves

Everyone has their pet peeves when it comes to books. Some of mine are probably pretty common. But I would like to do a little ranting myself so that’s why I decided to do mthis post. These pet peeves are about both the book’s story content and physical aspects of the book itself (cover content,... Continue Reading →

The Great Reading Slump and Update

Reading slumps. Every book-related blog or Youtube channel seems to talk about them at one point. They’ll usually come with advice on how to get out of the slump as well. I’ve been through a few reading slumps over the years but nothing really major. It was usually just me taking a short little break... Continue Reading →

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