Coraline: What I Don’t Like About the Movie

  Coraline is one of my favorite books. As kid I was obsessed with it – I checked it out several times from the library until I finally bought my own copy. My child brain was fascinated by the dark world the book creates and Coraline’s showdown with the other mother. All the images and... Continue Reading →


Where are you going, Where have you been by Joyce Carol Oates | Short Story Analysis

Connie is your typical attractive teenage girl – she likes going out with friends and flirting with boys. She’s annoyed with her family, especially her mother who’s constantly criticizing her. Her flirting is mostly innocent fun until she’s confronted by a strange older man named Arnold Friend at her home. Some may view this story... Continue Reading →

Alice by Christina Henry | Book Review

*Slightly Spoiler-ish* Alice in Wonderland has spawned many re-tellings. And why wouldn’t it? It’s a great story that sparks everyone’s imagination. Many like to put a much darker spin on the story. Such is the case with Christina Henry’s novel “Alice.” The book follows Alice, a woman taken from a happy, privileged life and forced... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Dean Koontz Books

Dean Koontz has always gotten a significant amount of hate. I never really understood why. I first read some of his books when I was younger and I loved them. I still do. Koontz has come to my mind recently because I was talking to a friend who hates Koontz. He didn’t really give a... Continue Reading →

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