Before I Fall (2017) | Movie Review

  Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver is one of my favorite books. The plot follows Samantha a girl in a group of mean girls who experiences an accident. She soon finds herself repeating the same day over and over again, this is because there’s something she has to fix. I was excited to learn... Continue Reading →


Doctor Strange (2016) | Movie Review

I’ll start out by saying that I went in expecting not to like Doctor Strange... I’m no fan of Marvel films and the trailers didn’t win me over. Well, I was glad to be proven wrong (for the most part.) The movie turned out to be pretty good. It was a unique film with plenty... Continue Reading →

Rob Zombie’s 31 | Movie Review

31 follows a group of carnies who are forced to play a deadly game. They must survive for 12 hours as they’re pursued by the various clown-like “heads” that are trying to kill them in a hellish makeshift maze. The desire I had to see this film was overwhelming. I like most of Rob Zombie’s... Continue Reading →

The Boy (2016) | Movie Review

Spoilersss Greta goes to the UK to escape her abusive boyfriend and get her life straight. She takes a job as a nanny for an old couple, and the son (Brahms) she has to look after turns out to be a doll. Despite the weirdness of this, she still takes the job due to her... Continue Reading →

The Visit (2015) | Movie Review

The Visit follows two teenage siblings, Becca and Tyler as they pay a visit to their grandparents' house. Soon, they begin to notice strange behavior from their grandparents that only gets worse. From what I've seen reactions to this film have been mixed overall. Some view it as a comeback for M. Night Shyamalan, after... Continue Reading →

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