A Work of Artifice by Marge Piercy | Poetry Analysis

The meaning of Piercy’s poem is simple. It uses metaphor to show how the female gender role can confine women and stop them from reaching their full potential. “The bonsai tree / in the attractive pot / could have grown eighty feet tall” A bonsai tree can grow to be quite large. But when it’s in the... Continue Reading →


Eliza Haywood (c.1693-1756) | Author Exploration

Eliza Haywood (1693? – 1756) was a prolific British author of the 18th century. She published over 70+ works, and was primarily known as a novelist. Many details of her life seem to be disputed, including the year she was born. Haywood enjoyed a successful writing career. Her first and most famous novel, was Love... Continue Reading →

Kate Chopin Tribute

  Kate Chopin (1850-1904) was a writer of short stories and two novels. Her work would fall into the category of realistic fiction/realism. Her short stories were popular during her time but her career went downhill after the publishing of The Awakening due to the novel's controversial subject matter. However, she was later considered one... Continue Reading →

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