Twilight/Stephanie Meyer Hate: Was it too much?   I watched Lindsey Ellis’ video about Twilight entitled: “Dear Stephanie Meyer” recently. The gist of it is that she argues that while Twilight, isn’t a good book or film, the hatred for it was way over-the-top. And that it’s the anti-teenage girl attitude society has that helped drive the hatred. Essentially, we accept... Continue Reading →


Panic by Lauren Oliver | Book Review

So, the most recent book I’ve read is Panic by Lauren Oliver. Oliver is one of my favorite authors and hasn’t disappointed me yet (except for, maybe, the third Delirium book.) Here I’ll breakdown what works in the book and what doesn’t.  (slightly spoiler-ish) Idea/Creativity: When I first read the synopsis for this book I... Continue Reading →

Before I Fall (2017) | Movie Review

  Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver is one of my favorite books. The plot follows Samantha a girl in a group of mean girls who experiences an accident. She soon finds herself repeating the same day over and over again, this is because there’s something she has to fix. I was excited to learn... Continue Reading →

11 Great Young Adult Books

I love reading books from all age groups. Children's, teen, adult and anything in between. Here's a list of some of my favorite teen/YA books. Some of these have been my favorites for a long time, while others are more recent reads that managed to have a big impact on me. Not in any particular... Continue Reading →

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